Dr. Shazi and her staff are excellent. Very helpful and patient, and professional in their advice.

Waleed K. • Sunnyvale, CA

If you want a caring, humane and positive experience with a dentist, then Dr. Shazi Hedayati is the one for you. Besides being a great technician, she’s very sensitive to each patient’s needs and fears. As an added bonus, her staff (who’ve been with her for years) reflect the same aura of professionalism and competence that’s difficult to find in the dental industry these days. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a great dentist in the South Bay area!

Ron R. • Sunnyvale, CA

Been a patient for over 20 years… The only dentist for my pearly whites and the best staff around!

Hamm B. • San Ramon, CA

Dr. Shazi and everyone working there make it a pleasant experience to get your teeth worked on. The staff is great and very sociable, I have been a patient since a child and would never think twice of finding another dentist. I will be a customer for life and I am sure many other people will agree. My teeth are perfect and thanks to this office and my mom 😉 I get compliments all the time on my smile!

Christopher K. • San Jose, CA

Dr Shazi, and the staff are very friendly, nice and professional! I was really happy with the service and also the teeth whitening promotion was great!.

Mehrnoosh V. • Santa Clara, CA

Thanks to Dr. Shazi and her staff, I haven’t had a single problem with my teeth in the 10 years I’ve been a client. Dr. Shazi and her staff are competent and friendly. Although dental cleanings are never fun, Dr. Shazi’s hygienists make the process as comfortable as possible. I have no doubt that should I need any serious dental work, Dr. Shazi and her staff will do a fantastic job.

Michael F. • Oakland, CA

Dr. Shazi and her crew are the best. Great communication skills. There is an aura of competence in that office. They know that people can be apprehensive (me) about a visit and make you as comfortable as possible. One assistant, Pam, has been there 12 years and another has been there 15. I’m gonna buy lunch for the coworker who referred me.

David C. • Campbell, CA

I don’t go to Dr. Shazi anymore because I live too far away, but if I could, I would! She is hands-down the best dentist I’ve ever had; soft yet precise, very communicative & informative, and she won’t lecture you if you haven’t been able to make it in for a clean-up in a while. I highly recommend her.

Talaitha D. • New York, NY

I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Shazi. She has consistently done outstanding dental work on my problematic teeth. Staff is terrific, friendly and efficient with scheduling, billing exc. Lastly, Dr. Shazi, treats her patients like family. I highly recommend this office.

Sarah Z. • Mountain View, CA

This is an outstanding dental practice. They really go beyond the call of duty, and I would definitely recommend them.

To be total up front, I’ve had no actual work done here, but, being that it’s near the year end, I stand to lose most of my FlexPay account if I don’t use it, and my regular dentist is not available at all until next year.

They listened to what I wanted done, took a minimal number of x-rays (because I only wanted to deal with known problems and I wanted to keep the radiation to a minimum, since I will also be seeing other dentists), and Dr. Hedayati made a “plan of action”, and called and got me into a root canal specialist to fix a bad tooth.

In addition, they had a cancelation and had actually made a little extra room to fix a cracked filling which they were going to do right then and there (after the x-rays), but I couldn’t stay due to another last-minute scheduling conflict. But they made the effort!!

They even made me a copy of the x-rays to take to another dentist that had also worked me in.
I was very impressed at how helpful they all were.

Based on my experience at this office, I would fully trust all of the positive reviews. I am definitely going here for more work.

Highly recommended!!

Rob I. • Sunnyvale, CA