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Sunnyvale Dentist Dr Shazi

Dr. Shazi Hedayati, D.D.S.

On behalf of our staff, let me welcome you to our friendly dental practice in Sunnyvale, CA.

You hear people say, “Oh, I hate to go to the dentist!”, or, “I hate to have my teeth cleaned – they poke my teeth and make me feel guilty about flossing!” Not so much in our office: most people express to me, “I love to come to your office! Everybody is so happy and nice, and most of all, it doesn’t hurt!”

For those apprehensive patients, my staff and I go the extra mile to make sure they feel comfortable and that their visit is a positive experience while receiving quality dental care.

I have the most caring, highly trained, and service oriented staff who have been working with me for many years.

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Sunnyvale Family Smiles Michelle Dental Hygienists

Dental Hygienist

Michele is a wonderful hygienist who has been practicing in my office for the last 10 years. Her smile and gentleness put our fearful patients at ease – they love her! She is highly skilled and her diligent work and warm interaction with our patients make them excited about their brushing and flossing!!

Sunnyvale Family Smiles Jennifer Dental Hygienists

Dental Hygienist

Jennifer has worked as a hygienist in my office for the last 3 years. She is very passionate about her field, and her genuine attention to detail gets her patients closely involved with their oral hygiene and health of their gum. After lots of discussion about brushing and flossing she loves to share her stories about exciting trips she has taken or would like to take!

Front Office

Lynn has worked with me for the last 25 years. In addition to everything else that she does, Lynn is in charge of our insurance and billing department . She makes your visit and your paperwork smooth and stress-free! She enjoys getting to know our patients on a personal basis. Lynn is very friendly and has a great rapport with my patients.

Front Office

Sue is the face behind the polite and smiley voice you hear over the phone. If you need to be seen, even on short notice, she makes every effort to provide you an appointment that suits your needs! For the last 17 years, not only has she genuinely taken care of our patients, she has been extremely generous with the support and friendship she shares within the office.

Registered Dental Assistant

Lucy has been with me since Day 1!! She has assisted me for the last 27 years as an extended duty registered dental assistant with a coronal polishing license. She is my right hand person, and patients love her gentle touch and sweet personality. She is fantastic working with children!

Sunnyvale Family Smiles Pam

Registered Dental Assistant / Lab Technician

Pam has assisted me for the past 20 years as an extended duty registered dental assistant with a coronal polishing license. Her attention to detail and her great sense of organization helps our office consistently exceed the high standards of infection control and OSHA requirements.

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