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Sunnyvale Family Smiles Dr. Shazi Hedayati Dental Bridge

A natural-looking, fully functional dental bridge created by Sunnyvale restorative dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati is an easy and affordable solution to your missing tooth. Dental bridges often do not require dental implants, or the associated surgery and recovery time. In addition, the dental bridges placed by Sunnyvale restorative dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati are carefully created to look like your neighboring teeth and blend in perfectly. At Sunnyvale Family Smiles, we provide dental solutions that are aesthetic as well as durable and functional, and this includes our dental bridges.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

Dental bridges fill the void left by one or more missing teeth. The dental bridge itself consists of a custom false tooth (or teeth) to fill the open space, supported by dental crowns that attach to your neighboring teeth. A dental bridge functions best and lasts longer when the adjacent teeth are healthy. In some cases, Sunnyvale restorative dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati may need to perform a root canal to fortify a decayed or cracked neighboring tooth, prior to placement of your dental bridge.

If you only have one tooth next to the open space, a dental implant can be placed to support the other end of the bridge. A dental implant (or multiple adjacent dental implants) can be an excellent alternative to a dental bridge. During your consultation at Sunnyvale Family Smiles, experienced Sunnyvale restorative dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati will discuss your personal treatment options and the associated advantages.

Longevity and aesthetics are important, which is why our dental bridges are hand-crafted by a skilled dental lab technician personally selected by Sunnyvale restorative dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati. We want your bridge to be durable and natural-looking. If you take good care of your dental bridge and follow the instructions of Sunnyvale restorative dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati, your dental bridge could last many years or even the rest of your life.

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