Orthodontic Treatment Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale Family Smiles Dr. Shazi Hedayati Orthodontics

Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati provides orthodontic treatment to prevent and treat teeth alignment problems, as well as overall bite and jaw issues. At Sunnyvale Family Smiles, our experienced dentist uses braces, retainers, and other devices to give you straight teeth, a comfortable bite, and a balanced smile.

Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati successfully uses orthodontic treatment for patients ranging from mid-life adults to children as young as ten. Our orthodontic treatment primarily corrects crowded or overlapping teeth. At Sunnyvale Family Smiles we also provide orthodontic treatment to address problems with jaw growth, which can be genetic or the result of premature loss of baby teeth, accidents and trauma, unchecked tooth decay, or habits like thumb sucking. Orthodontic treatment also addresses facial or dental irregularities- it’s not just for crooked teeth. Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati is well trained in advanced orthodontic techniques. As a result, our results at Sunnyvale Family Smiles can be dramatic for patients of all ages: beautiful smiles, comfortable bites, improved oral health, greater confidence, and overall enhanced quality of life.

Successful orthodontic treatment requires careful planning, which begins with a consultation in our Sunnyvale Family Smiles office. Our experienced Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati will discuss your orthodontic treatment goals and examine the current state of your teeth alignment, bite, TMJ function, and overall oral health. To properly understand your mouth plan orthodontic treatment, we may take dental x-rays, photographs of your teeth and bite, and dental impressions to recreate your bite on a special orthodontic model. With these diagnostic tools, Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati will then present you with your orthodontic options.

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