General Dentistry Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale Family Smiles Dr. Shazi Hedayati General Dentistry

Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati has the knowledge and expertise to offer a full range of general dentistry procedures at Sunnyvale Family Smiles.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Sunnyvale

Tooth-colored fillings blend in naturally with your existing enamel and can be difficult or impossible to spot, especially when expertly placed by Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati. At Sunnyvale Family Smiles, we use tooth-colored fillings to fix small cavities or cracks and to replace old, mercury-based metal fillings. The tooth-colored fillings placed by Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati are fast, safe, bio-compatible, eco-friendly, and long-lasting.

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Inlays and Onlays Sunnyvale

Sometimes the cavity or crack in your tooth is too large for a tooth-colored filling to adequately fix, but you still have a lot of healthy enamel left that would be lost with a dental crown. Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati offers the perfect solution: inlays and onlays. Inlays and onlays are safe bio-compatible porcelain that fit into your prepared tooth like a perfect jigsaw piece. Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati selects tooth-colored porcelain that is specific to your natural teeth, so the dental inlays and onlays disappear.

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Dental Crowns Sunnyvale

At Sunnyvale Family Smiles, Dr. Shazi Hedayati offers dental crown restorations for patients who have teeth that need more protection and reinforcement than a dental filling can provide. Our Sunnyvale dentist only uses the most durable and aesthetic materials, so your dental crown will last a long time and look as natural and as life-like as you other teeth.

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Dental Bridges Sunnyvale

Dental bridges provide an affordable option for replacing one or more missing teeth and restoring your natural bite and beautiful smile. During your comfortable consultation appointment at Sunnyvale Family Smiles, Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati will examine your existing teeth, gums, and overall oral health to determine if a dental bridge is the best option for you.

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Oral Cancer Screening Sunnyvale

Oral Cancer remains highly under-diagnosed and under-treated in the United States and around the world. Usually, oral cancer is discovered after it has advanced to stage 3 or 4, which sadly results in 57% of oral cancer patients dying within 5 years. Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati works hard to reverse this trend by carefully and thoroughly screening our dental patients for oral cancer. At Sunnyvale Family Smiles, we hope to detect oral cancer in its early, more treatable stages.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Sunnyvale

Feeling confident when you smile is important to both your self-esteem and your overall outlook on life. With the cosmetic dentistry services offered at our Sunnyvale Dental Practice, our experienced and compassionate cosmetic dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati can help you determine the easiest, fastest, most affordable, and most effective cosmetic dentistry options to produce the smile you have always wanted.

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Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati practices general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, as those two areas often overlap and compliment each other. At Sunnyvale Family Smiles, we realize that long-lasting dental crowns, dental bridges and dental fillings should also be beautiful and enhance your radiant smile. You might begin your general dentistry treatment with a dental crown, then consider upgrading your smile with cosmetic tooth bonding, teeth whitening, or veneers. For this reason, Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati has studied the latest techniques in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, so she can effectively treat you from beginning to end at Sunnyvale Family Smiles.

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