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Dental Technology Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale Family Smiles Dr. Shazi Hedayati Dental Technology

Every modern dental practice relies on dental technology, and Sunnyvale Family Smiles is no exception. Sunnyvale dentists Dr. Shazi Hedayati consistently invest a great deal of time and resources to implement advanced technology that helps them provide even better dental care. Sunnyvale Family Smiles employs technology to provide superior diagnoses of oral conditions, examine different treatment options, and provide longer-lasting and more aesthetic dental treatment. Dr. Shazi Hedayati also use this dental technology to thoroughly explain your condition and ensure you understand your treatment options.

That said, technology is never the focus of our Sunnyvale Family Smiles practice. You are. When evaluating new technology, Sunnyvale dentists Dr. Shazi Hedayati always ask one question: will this benefit our patients? While the dental technology at Sunnyvale Family Smiles significantly elevates our quality of care, our priority remains maintaining and improving your smile.

Digital X-rays Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati believes that our patients’ health always comes first. This is why we now offer digital X-rays, a remarkable innovation in dental safety that allows a dentist to reduce the amount of radiation patients are exposed to with standard X-rays by up to 90 percent. To take digital X-rays, we will place a very small camera into the mouth. As soon as the picture is taken, an image pops up on a nearby computer screen. This amazing technology allows you to view any potential problems yourself, and allows you to discuss them with Dr. Shazi Hedayati. The real-time dental information provided by digital X-rays thus allows you to make better decisions with regards to your dental health. From dental implants to cosmetic dentistry, we will use this wonderful technology to better serve you.

Intraoral Camera Sunnyvale

Our intraoral camera is an excellent diagnostic and educational tool. Given the small space and difficult angles, dentists can’t see every corner of your mouth– and you can barely see any of it! With an intraoral camera, Sunnyvale dentist Dr. Shazi Hedayati check all sides of each tooth for decay, fractures, and other problems. They take images of all areas of concern, then take the time to review these images with you to explain your oral health and any possible treatment options.

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Jade Air Purification System

JADE The World’s Best Indoor Air Purifiers

Surgically Clean Air’s JADE Air Purifier is a Premium, Commercial-Grade Air System that is One of the Most Advanced on the Market.

Redland Aspiration System

Redland Aspiration – Extraoral Aerosol Suction Unit

Featuring a USA-made motor, 1600w of power, and a medical-grade H14 HEPA filter, AirMax Extraoral Aerosol Suction System is designed to efficiently absorb large amounts of aerosol generated during treatment

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